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Dancing Together During The Pandemic

Couples that dance together, stay healthy together.

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has altered many aspects of our lives – including relationships and intimacy. For partners who are self-quarantining together, dancing is the perfect activity. It will allow you to deepen your connection when self-isolation turns things a tad dry.

Whether you would like to express creativity and desire, build a stronger emotional connection towards one another, or just get physically fit, there are so many amazing benefits that dance can have on your relationship and love-life. Booking an online dance class for your next date night will foster an increased form of intimacy and communication, and you will most likely see a brand new side of your partner that you never before imagined. 

Dance Together Project is all about connecting through dance, which is why our classes are so fun for couples new to dance! Visit our Classes page to book the next online or in-person date night activity of your dreams! Because couples that dance together, stay healthy together.

Videography by Jahmal Nugent

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