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The benefits of dancing with your partner

It is no secret that physical touch is regarded as one of the highest forms of intimacy.  Learning to dance together allows us to express a sense of closeness with our partner while igniting a greater bond through physical movement. Dancing also increases endorphins, which in turn makes us feel happier, more refreshed and good in our bodies. Here are a few more reasons to incorporate a Partner Dance Lesson into your next date night online or in-person.

Dancing helps build a stronger emotional connection

Research has shown that the physical contact involved in dance helps couples experience an increased sense of gratitude towards each other. This improves their connection and a sense of well-being as a couple. A feeling of gratitude helps the relationship thrive by stimulating a cycle of generosity. This cycle allows partners to be more in touch with each other's needs and desires. Dance also requires your partner to give you full attention, which can boost self-esteem and confidence.

Dancing allows partners improve on a new skill

There is no better way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting than learning a new skill together. Achieving goals together fuels attraction, especially if that skill relates to physical activity. Setting out to accomplish a common goal strengthens trust, communication, and teamwork with one another.

Dancing helps couples feel fit and refreshed

As partners practice to dance together, they feel more connected and in rhythm with their bodies. Dancing is a great form of high-impact exercise that gets our heart rates moving.  Studies have shown that dancing improves physical fitness, flexibility, balance, and cognitive function. The effect of these benefits can increase over time if dancing becomes part of your daily routine. 

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