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Outdoor Dance Dates

Warmer weather brings both new hope and new possibilities, so let's get outside and find new ways to connect safely. Let's continue to take care and practice COVID safety while also taking care of our bodies, minds and relationships. This spring and summer, Dance Together Project is offering outdoor dance classes for couples of all ages (masks and physical distancing guidelines in place).

Many (if not most) of our new clients share the worry of "having two left feet" or "not being a good dancer," but leave our classes feeling more confident and more in tune with themselves and their partner. The fear or learning something new is natural - especially when learning to dance with a partner. No matter what level of experience or the number of left feet you have, we make it fun and explain movement in a way that makes sense. Then, dancing together becomes fun and healing, which is so essential today. So just go for it, invite your partner on an outdoor dance date!
It's such a pleasure to take a class under Katya's leadership. She explains movements, breaks them down and makes them do-able. You know you're in good hands!
Our instructor was wonderful! We had such a good time. She was helpful, kind, and very accommodating for our skill level. We would definitely recommend!
We had a fantastic time learning some dance moves from Katya! We went to gain some confidence and basic knowledge of dancing before our wedding day. By the time we left we'd had so much fun we're thinking about signing up for some regular lessons!
Katya was fantastic. We came in with no formal dance education and learned quite a bit from the hour. Would definitely recommend.
Just absolutely loved her and her 101 class. I've got two left feet and unlike basically every other dance class I had taken to prep for my wedding, I did not feel anxious or overwhelmed - this was actually fun and I don't think I'm going to fall flat on my face when the dance finally happens lol.
Very comfortable and great lesson that taught us so much in an hour. Had a great time.

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