Project Founder/Director

Katya Kuznetsova is a professional dance instructor and choreographer on a mission to facilitate enjoyable dance experiences for everybody, regardless of skill level or variations in physical ability. Originally from Magadan, in the Russian Far East, she trained in ballroom dance since the age of eight with Tanzgracia Ballroom Dance Company. Several cultural exchange tours in early nineties brought her to Anchorage, Alaska, where she lived and worked for twelve years, becoming one of the leaders in dance education and community outreach. While on faculty at the University of Alaska Department of Theatre and Dance, she also founded Ritmovida Dance Partnership with a focus on bringing people together through Latin dance classes, performances and workshops across the state. Since moving to Toronto, Canada and earning a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance Dramaturgy and Choreography, she has worked independently and in collaboration with local companies, including Mind the Gap Dance, Toronto Dance Community Love-In, and Wheels Dance.  Her work has been commissioned by the Alaska Dance Theatre, University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Theatre and Dance, Montana Rhythm Explosion Workshop, and Dark Hollow Films. For more information, visit the Blog.


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