Dance Together Project is all about fun and accessible partner dance lessons for beginners. Far from strictly ballroom, the genres include anything from Slow Dance 101 to Salsa, as well as Wedding Dance instruction and composition – tailored to the song(s) of your choice. All classes and events are beginner-friendly.

Instructor Bio

Photo by Micha Sanders

Dance Together Project founder and director Katya Kuznetsova is a professional dance instructor and choreographer on a mission to facilitate enjoyable dance experiences for everybody, regardless of skill level or variations in physical ability. Originally from the Russian Far East, she trained in competitive ballroom dance since age of eight. In her teens, she moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where she studied Business Administration, Adult Education and a variety of dance styles including Jazz, Contemporary, Swing, Salsa and Afro-Cuban. During her decade in Alaska, Katya taught for the University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Theatre and Dance and founded and co-directed Ritmovida Dance Partnership – the first Salsa dance company in the state. Since moving to Toronto, Canada in 2009 and earning a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance Dramaturgy and Choreography, she has worked as an independent dance artist, teacher and choreographer. In addition to her classes at 10 Heintzman St., Katya co-produces the annual Dance Together Festival and designs and leads specialized dance workshops for seniors and mixed abilities groups. For a full CV, please visit the Blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to dance in order to take a class?

Nope. That is what Dance Together Project is for – to help you get some skills, have fun and feel confident when dancing, regardless of your level of experience.

What will we learn in the Wedding Dance 101 Workshop?

You will learn the basic skills of communicating with each other through dancing together – how to lead, follow and listen to each other. You will learn how to move together, do several turns, and set a structure for your dance. The moves are fun and practical in a sense that you would be able to apply them to any song. No previous dance experience is required. Yes, the workshop will help you with your two or all four “left feet.” Our cozy studio space is limited, so please register in advance.

What should we wear to class?

Dress comfortably for moving. Please bring indoor shoes. Feel free to bring your wedding shoes if the day is soon in order to practice.

When should we book a workshop or class?

Please book sooner rather than later to allow yourselves time to practice. Things can get stressful closer to the wedding day, which is not the best state for learning (or anything, really). Come early enough to have fun learning! Booking three to four months in advance is a great time window, especially between May and October, which tends to get busy. Learning to dance together is a super special experience – allow yourselves the time to enjoy it!

Do you have Wedding Dance Private lesson packages?

Yes! Here they are!

How many lessons do we need?

We have packages of two, three, four and six private lessons. Here they are! We recommend that you start with the Dance Together 101 Workshop first. If you enjoy the experience, you can decide on how many classes you wish to take and what works for your schedule. We also have the Wedding Dance 102 Workshop if you prefer a group class review session. Please plan and book ahead. Booking three to four months in advance is a great time window, especially between May and October, which tends to get busy.

We have more questions! How do we get answers?

Please email or call 647-689-3900.