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Outdoor Dance Dates

Warmer weather brings both new hope and new possibilities, so let's get outside and find new ways to connect safely. Let's continue to take care and practice COVID safety while also taking care of our bodies, minds and relationships. This spring and summer, Dance Together Project is offering outdoor dance classes for couples of all … Continue reading Outdoor Dance Dates

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The benefits of dancing with your partner

It is no secret that physical touch is regarded as one of the highest forms of intimacy. Learning to dance together allows us to express a sense of closeness with our partner while igniting a greater bond through physical movement. Dancing also increases endorphins, which in turn makes us feel happier, more refreshed and good … Continue reading The benefits of dancing with your partner

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Enjoy a Dance Date at Home

Taking an online dance class can be a unique date night experience Building a stronger emotional connection with your partner often means trying new experiences. If that new experience is through dance, you will be able to engage with each other on a much more intimate level than you would while watching a movie or … Continue reading Enjoy a Dance Date at Home

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Dancing Together During The Pandemic

Couples that dance together, stay healthy together. It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has altered many aspects of our lives – including relationships and intimacy. For partners who are self-quarantining together, dancing is the perfect activity. It will allow you to deepen your connection when self-isolation turns things a tad dry. Whether you would … Continue reading Dancing Together During The Pandemic

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Wedding Dance Lessons Continue

Although 2020 has changed how weddings and dancing happens these days. Many weddings have been re-scheduled and some got cancelled completely. The good news is that you can still enjoy dancing together safely and Dance Together Project is here to help you have fun with it! Our Wedding Dance 101 workshop continues with a two … Continue reading Wedding Dance Lessons Continue

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Online Wedding Dance Consultation

Although 2020 has changed how the weddings look and happen, let us all find ways to keep dancing, because couples that dance together stay healthy together! Our online wedding dance consultations will address questions about your Wedding Dance. Wedding Dance Consultation Includes an introduction to basic moveshelp with choosing your wedding songoverall plan for your … Continue reading Online Wedding Dance Consultation