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Have a blast making a group dance with your wedding party or parents! The package includes four  private lessons for your group where we get to create a dance to the song of your choice. No prior dance experience required. 

2 Replies to “Group Dance Wedding Choreography”

  1. Janelle A says:

    Hi there,

    I bought a dance class on Groupon about 11 days ago. It doesn’t expire until July, however I am nervous with everything going on that that may be questionable . Are you extending any of the offers to accommodate this social distancing order?

    Thank you!


    • dancetogetherproject says:

      Hello Janelle,
      The groupon is for our Wedding Dance 101 workshop, which is now online. We are hoping to be able to come back to the studio when the quarantine is over, but it is impossible to tell when this might be. For the time being, we can stay safe and still support each other and enjoy learning to dance together via long distance. Registration is on our workshops page. When the quarantine is over, the format of the workshop will switch back to regular studio class.

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